A Prayer Into The World

Love of Kind

$35 $45

Material: 80% Cotton 20% Silk - Soft Cotton Voile
Size: 47 x 25 in (120 x 65 cm)
Care: Wash by hand or gentle wash, hang to dry


The inspiration for this scarf comes out of the love of the fact that every living life on this planet is a combination of ingredients, a unique combination, and that combination is the holding pattern of just that magnificent life. So no other life is like a cheetah. A cheetah is a cheetah, an elephant is an elephant, an ant is an ant. These animals live, and their life has a reason and a purpose that supports the greater whole. Whatever created this magnificent biodiversity wanted a cheetah to live on this planet, wanted all animals to live on this planet.

This scarf is a prayer into the world that celebrates that symphony and reminds us humans to love, honour and respect that fact.

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