Our Story

A Prayer into the World appeared from a deepening understanding that we, each one of us, make ourselves, and the collective interplay of us all makes this world. This making is in everything we do, from how we treat ourselves, to how we treat each other and other life, to how we treat the planet for the next generations to come.

Our scarves are coded with now and tomorrow’s messages. A Prayer into the World is not affiliated with any religion or political persuasion. We use the word prayer in the way of making an offering into the world, from the ache that many of us feel, that a new and better way is what tomorrow calls for.

eco-friendly production

our footprint

In our production we look for environmentally friendly processes to leave as few footprints that pollute the Earth as possible. 

Care for your fabric

We have put together a few guidelines and suggestions to help you care for your new scarf and recomended ways to handle the fabrics. Please be sure to follow the wash and care guide to get the best results.

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